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SWFL Wedding Videography for Multicultural Couples

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Hi! / HOLA! Its so nice to meet you!

I am JC, your Naples Wedding Video-Photographer for Multicultural Couples!

Wedding Videography for me is capturing the most honest version of you and your relationship, with tears or laughs, with goofy faces or moments full of passion.

A wedding is not just about two people in love coming together, It goes beyond that. It is the fusion of two people who hold very different cultures and traditions, but still share similar values and aspirations, and are coming together into one unit. I love being able to witness those two lives come together, and create unique visuals that speak to the soul and tell the beautiful story of love and connection between the two of you.

Be ready to have a blast, grab a drink after, and laugh tons. You guys got the flare, I got the magic, so lets put it all together, capture the essence of your unique relationship and make something unlike anyone has ever seen.




We put Mind and Soul into creating the best Moments


Life is vibrant and full of energy, and by utilizing the elements that create that energy, we bring a vivid and colorful aura to every photograph.


The Good News

Always seeking locations with strong compositional elements, we make jaw dropping and Good imagery for each and every one of our couples



I strive to get to know you and your fiancé before anything else, so that I can get the most raw form of your love and create images you will love.

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